On January 4th of this year, Israeli company GlucoMe announced that it is partnering with Apollo Sugar, Apollo Hospitals Group’s nationwide chain of diabetes clinics in India.  The purpose of the partnership is to help diabetes patients to more efficiently and cost effectively monitor themselves and help medical teams in India to better manage what is known to be the largest diabetes population in any country.  

India is considered the diabetes capital of the world. Plug this statement into a google search and many articles appear confirming this. The statistics support this claim as well. According to the IDF, about 72 million people currently suffer from diabetes in India.

All things considered, this presents a very large challenge for the Indian health system, as most patients do not have access to affordable blood glucose monitoring devices or treatment centers close by in their communities.  How can medical teams reach such a large patient population and scattered across the country – for ongoing care as well as for crisis situations?

This is where GlucoMe’s digital diabetes care solution comes in. Patients get an affordable, wireless, blood glucose meter that transfers data directly to any mobile phone and can be stored in the doctor’s electronic medical records. GlucoMe’s system enables medical teams to monitor the condition of thousands of patients, actually 10 times more than can be seen in face-to-face meetings. The digital system also provides alerts, reports and recommendations that enable the medical team to intervene immediately should a patient be in crisis or nearing one.

Apollo Sugar has begun integrating GlucoMe’s solution into its recently launched national diabetes home-care program.  Practically, this means that whoever of the hundreds of thousands of Apollo Sugar Clinic patients who get an Apollo “Diabetes Home-Care Kit” will also get a GlucoMe wireless blood glucose monitor in the deal.   GlucoMe’s Digital Diabetes Clinic software has also been integrated with Apollo Sugar’s mobile app to back up the diabetes monitoring from the side of medical teams.

주소 : https://itrade.gov.il/india/2018/01/31/israels-glucome-partners-indias-apollo-sugar-advance-digital-diabetes-care/